My favourite family vacation destinations

file7231299306700Before we had kids we used to travel a lot as a couple and we’ve always been a little on the adventurous side. We’d always be planning our next trip and managed to see quite a bit of the world before we got married. We had our honeymoon in the Maldives and it’s still the most beautiful and exotic place I’ve ever been to and I hope we get to go back there one day.

Of course things changed a bit once the children came along – having adventures in a ¬†foreign country when you’re a couple in your 20s is one thing but with a child in tow, it turns into something else entirely. I’ll never forget the first trip away from home we did when my eldest was 6 months old – it was an exhausting operation just packing for our trip and we ended up just staying in the hotel for most of our time away as it was too much hassle to go very far.

We’ve now got much better at traveling with kids and now they’re a bit bigger things are much easier too. The trick is to have low expectations (don’t try to do too much) and choose locations that are family friendly.

Here are some of our favorite places to visit as a family:

1. Disneyland

Of course I chose this for my number one! Disneyland is the ultimate family vacation destination and it’s hard to find anything to fault with it. Of course the kids love it but it also has great facilities and it’s pretty fun for the grownups too. We try to take a trip to Disneyland once a year if our budget allows and I really don’t see us ever getting bored of it!

2. San Diego

I still remember our family vacations to San Diego when I was a little girl and I love taking my own kids there now. You can’t really go wrong with a beach trip when you have young kids – they get to make sandcastles and play in the ocean and mom and dad can chill out and work on their tans. There are also some great attractions there like the San Diego zoo, Legoland and SeaWorld. We’ve been here several times since having kids and it remains a firm favorite with the whole family.

3. The Bahamas

Overseas travel is obviously a little more work to arrange and significantly more expensive than staying within the US but I don’t think you have to give up all your luxuries once you become a parent. The Bahamas are a great destination for family vacations because you don’t have to deal with the long flights that are part of a trip to Europe or other far away destinations and there are some great family-friendly resorts and lots of things for kids to do. We’ve visited a few different islands and always had a great time. Already counting down the days until I can let the kids swim in the tropical ocean while I kick back by the pool with a cocktail or two!


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